Who do we serve?



We serve:

Children: 4 months to 17 years old
Mothers: pregnant and breastfeeding

Our only requirement is that they live in extreme poverty conditions.

We work in highly marginalized communities, most of them without access to basic services, such as water or electricity.

Our families have less than 2 dollars a day to fulfill the entirety of their needs. Their income does not even suffice for them to acquire the most basic food items.

To enroll our children in our programs, we carry out a meticulous screening process so that we may give preference to those with the greatest need.


Our enrolled families have a few monthly responsibilities:


To pay 1 dollar a month (if they can afford it).


To turn in 2 craft works focused on our education program


Attend 2 lectures


Help with dish washing twice a month

* Source: SAI Consultores with information from Comedor Santa María A.C., CONEVAL, INSP, CDC, ECOVID-ED and SESNSP.