Mexico de mis sabores

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270-page hardcover book

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Being Mexicans at heart and lovers of our country's gastronomy, as well as its wines, we decided to publish one of the first books that pairs the varied foods consumed in Mexico with the wines produced in its different regions.

Mexico de mis sabores, the title of this publication, is born from that which makes our wedding water, grows by awakening our roots, develops by uniting the past with the family gathered at the table, and remains in the flavor of the traditional and in the love of the homeland.

The result is a practical work, since all the recipes, each of which has been tested, can be easily prepared, and their ingredients, as well as the wines with which they are paired, can be purchased both in Mexico and abroad, especially in the United States of America, a country where we see the enormous natural growth in the consumption of Mexican food and wine.

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