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4th book of the collection

Includes 130 recipes

264-page hardcover book

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De temporada invites us to connect with the natural cycle of the seasons. It is a fresh tome with innovative combinations of ingredients, tested and proven over time, and updated to the ideal moment of each season of the year.

In these rich recipes, succulent flavors stand out, as well as modern ways of preparation that balance them, and that in each climate and different season offer nutritional properties, as well as greater freshness and economy.

The issue presents tables decorated in creative and original ways, since using different everyday objects and flowers, we are encouraged to create an innovative environment that invites to a friendly coexistence, where each meal is an experience open to the five senses and welcomes friends and family, who sitting around share joys, illusions, projects and successes, because we all know that together at the table we talk and know each other better.

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